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Brighton Bay Physiotherapy has a long and interesting history. The business was originally founded in Bay Street as Sally Maie Massage in 1999 and had an exclusive focus on remedial and relaxation massage.

In 2006 the current owners took over management and Bayside Massage and Alternative Therapies was established. In 2007, the name was converted to Brighton Bay Physiotherapy.

Who are we

We are a youthful and vibrant company in Melbourne and bring a wealth of physiotherapy experience from the health, retail and corporate industries in St Kilda and surrounding areas of Melbourne. Our principal Physiotherapist has had a number of articles published on various topics, such as herniated disc injuries.

We Offer:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical pilates
  • Professional massage
    • Remedial
    • Pregnancy
    • Relaxation

We cater to individuals of all ages, including the elderly, pregnant women and athletes for physiotherapy.

Our Values

  • Restore your health and wellbeing.
  • Reduce and eliminate your pain with our physiotherapy.
  • Improve your function and participation in your own life.
  • Teach you skills to care for your own health.

We especially love working with those who are committed to personal empowerment and self-improvement.


To provide residents of Bayside Melbourne with the highest quality health care possible ensuring that interventions are funded on evidence and clinical based practice.


Anti-cancer council

In 2007 up to 37 local residents were offered a free, no obligations physiotherapy session.

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Last Updated - July 25, 2014

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167 Centre Rd Bentleigh Melbourne 3204

Why people choose us:

  • We only treat one person at a time
  • We wont make you wait
  • We offer a holistic approach to managing and promoting health
  • Convenient location for Physiotherapy in Melbourne
  • Friendly, Professional and Informative
  • Real Results and Great Service
  • Respect
  • Easy Payment Options for Private Patients
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