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Massage therapy dates back to ancient times and has been long used to produce various benefits such as relaxation, stress reduction, improving blood flow and remedying sore or injured muscles. At Brighton Bay Physiotherapy we offer a range of professional massage services to suit individuals from all walks of life including remedial, pregnancy and sports massage.

Bayside Therapies has a long history of providing top quality massage services to the local community. Prior to its establishment in 2006, Bayside Therapies was known as Sally Maie Massage and was a specialist centre in providing these services.
Massage offers an enormous range of benefits to people from all walks of life. Generally it can assist in promoting relaxation and alleviating stress, tension, stiffness and pain. People often report feeling lighter, sleeping better and having a greater sense of energy, mental clarity and calmness after having a massage. Massage can be extremely useful in the following situations:


The human body undergoes a series of changes during pregnancy that are simply extraordinary. However, the increased blood volume, hormonal changes and alterations in shape and weight can place enormous strain on the body. This is often more the case when there has been a history of back or hip pain or injuries before the pregnancy begins.


Sports Injuries
Aches and injuries are a standard but unfortunately frequent occurrence in those who participate in formal sporting pursuits. Activities such as football, soccer, cycling, basketball and tennis often lead to a variety of soft tissue injuries impacting the lower body. In contrast activities such as swimming, baseball and rowing tend to cause more back and shoulder related complaints. Massage can help to speed recovery and get you back in action much more quickly.


Life in the 21st century runs at a frantic pace. Constantly balancing the demands of work, study, friends, leisure and family can leave you exhausted, irritated and generally unhappy. Relaxation massage is a fantastic way to unwind and give yourself some attention so you can recharge your batteries and feel better about different parts of life. Relaxation massage helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, improve sleep and enhance mental sharpness.

Why come to Bayside Therapies for your massage requirements? All massages are provided by a qualified and highly experienced physiotherapist who is able to carry out a thorough assessment and work with you collaboratively to design a course of treatment that meets your needs.  

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Last Updated - June 1, 2022

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