Women's Health Clinic in Brighton Bay, Melbourne

Brighton Bay Physiotherapy is offering Women's Health as a new specialised service.

We are focusing on the following areas:

  • During & After Pregnancy Management
  • Core Stability & Pelvic Floor Retraining
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Safe Pre-Natal Exercises (swiss ball or pilates)
  • Incontinence Management
  • Post Mastectomy Management

Pregnancy and childbirth puts a lots of strain on a women's body. Pre Natal exercises, performed in a safe and supervised manner can help prepare your body for birthing much like you would prepare for a marathon!

Lower back pain is the most common complaint during and/or after pregnancy. The hormone relaxin is the main cause for increased laxity in joints, especially weight bearing joints such as the lower back and pelvis which can lead to pain with joint instability. At our pregnancy massage clinic in Melbourne we use gentle manual therapy, pregnancy massage techniques, safe exercises, lower back and sacro Iliac joint supports to maintain and enhance daily functioning.

Once your beautiful baby has arrived, our women's health physio can prescribe post natal exercises to restore your body's muscle tone and control.

Exercises are derived from pilates and core strength principles and provided on a one-on-one sessional basis. We are a child friendly practice, thus mums are very welcome to bring their children along to sessions.

As women age beyond their child bearing years and enter menopause, the effects of past childbirth can become more obvious and impact on a women's ability to enjoy and participate in an active life. At our pregnancy massage clinic in Melbourne we can assit with pelvic floor issues such as stress/urge incontinence, with specific exercises and advice. Pelvic floor retraining is a safe alternative to managing incontinency issues in women, and a positive outcome is possible with retraining and with a reduced requirement for expensive and very invasive surgery.

Breast cancer survivors is often a forgotten population, and our physiotherapists can help with symptoms of post-mastectomy contractures, arm pain and impaired shoulder movement and function.

For a professional women's health clinic in Melbourne, contact Brighton Bay Physiotherapy today. 

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Last Updated - July 24, 2014

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