Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injuries

Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries are some of the most difficult injuries to treat, owing to the complex biomechanics involved in how the shoulder  moves. To function well, the shoulder relies on various muscles around the shoulder activating in a co-ordinated fashion. Injuries and poor posture typically disturb these movement patterns, leading to pain, loss of movement and difficulties performing normal activities such as reaching to a high shelf, driving and getting dressed and undressed.
Physiotherapy treatment usually involves a thorough assessment of movement patters and restrictions, testing muscle strength and flexibility and exploring the presence of associated tendon injuries and spinal anomalies. Treatment usually involves a combination of hands on treatment to relieve muscle and joint tightness along with a comprehensive exercise program to restore optimal biomechanics, strength and flexibility. 

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Last Updated - July 28, 2014

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