Physiotherapy in Elsternwick

Minimising the impact of pain on your work and sporting life.

Physiotherapy is considered a successful and scientific approach to treating various types of muscular, joint and nerves pains, and sudden back and neck aches.

Chronic or unexpected pain can have a substantially negative impact on a person's life as it commonly restricts their mobility and function and is linked with feelings of depression and anxiety. Here at Brighton Bay Physiotherapy we often see patrons who reside in the Elsternwick community and offer them a professional and friendly service aimed at relieving their pain and symptoms as quickly as possible and thus helping them engage in life again.

We work very closely with patients to devise an individual and specific management plan that often contains elements drawn from the latest research and from knowledge and skills acquired during accredited physiotherapy professional development seminars as well as from clinical experience acquired over the years. We are committed to helping you get well and stay well.

We are also proud to offer physiotherapy home visits to the residents of Elsternwick. Many people, such as the elderly or individuals recovering from surgery, are unable to leave their home and travel to a clinic for the care they require. Here at Brighton Bay Physiotherapy, we can come to you and provide quality assistance and treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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Last Updated - June 15, 2013

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